My brand new Zazzle store – illustrations for cat lovers

I have a new shop on Zazzle and it’s full of illustrations for cat lovers.illustrations for cat lovers

I’m having so much fun, you have no idea. It’s good to be back at drawing so much. I’m still doing all the boring jobs to pay the bills etc, but I’m drawing A LOT.

I wish I could draw more but the lack of materials is keeping me back. I have very old watercolors, very old markers, and new ones are crazy expensive for the actual state of my pockets. I could make an effort and buy some new stuff but I’m not just drawing for the pleasure of making art.

This time I’m drawing to raise money to spay and neuter cats. I don’t want to keep a cent from my Zazzle store. All profits will go to the cats.

illustrations for cat lovers

illustrations for cat lovers

This is probably why drawing is right now very liberating. I’m not painting for myself only (I have crazy high standards when I do things for myself), I am not drawing on request for paying customers (which always puts so much pressure on me) I’m doing it FOR THE CATS!

The lack of pressure and expectations brought back the pure joy of simply painting. I feel free to waste time experimenting and playing, making mistakes and being imperfect.


A special mention goes to the being imperfect part, it is really the most creative and liberating thing ever. So much is coming through and out from that.

illustrations for cat lovers

illustrations for cat lovers

Truth is that I opened a shop on Zazzle a few months back – I don’t remember how many – already with the purpose of raising money for the cats. I’m a big fan of motivational quotes, I love to take pictures, so the natural thing was to put up for sale a few of my photographs edited with my favorite quotes.

I loved it but it didn’t feel right. If you raise money for cats you want to grab the attention of cat lovers with cat-themed products. At that time I still had many blocks about showing my doodles in public and I hated most of the stuff that I painted. My albums were empty while my trash bin was full.

I knew I needed to do something about this, so I signed to Creativebug and took a few simple courses. Mind you, I went to art school for five years, but I felt like I needed to get back to the basics, and the basics of all basics are the passion and the fun that making art gives. The course I took did the trick in bringing these things back. My love for pets did the rest, I guess.illustrations for cat lovers

illustrations for cat lovers

Zazzle is really a great platform to sell stuff. I’ve seen a couple of products a friend of mine ordered, and I loved the quality. Plus, it is super easy and fun to use and the range of products you can design is wide. Uploading an illustration and seeing it on the finished product right away is really satisfying.

The Svatantrya shop, on the other hand, is still on hold. It is still something that I want to do, but right now I want to concentrate on raising the money for the cats. I need a thousand euros to spay and neuter the 12 cats that are living around the cottage and the farm. We had a true invasion last summer, with stupid people dumping unwanted cats here because rumor has it that there is ‘someone’ taking care of them. For many I found new loving families but these 12 babies are now calling the barn home, and I guess they are fine where they are.

I have many new illustrations ready. If I can convince my scanner to start cooperating again, I’ll add more designs in the next days. In the meantime, I’d really appreciate if you could share my shop as much as you can…I hate spamming and I’m really bad at promotion, so I need a hand. Thank you!illustrations for cat lovers

More cats illustrations

The more I draw, the more I want to draw. I’ve done a dozen of sketches that will become cats illustrations, these are just the ones I remembered to take a picture of. When I am not drawing, I am thinking about drawing.

I’m constantly looking around me in search of inspirations for potential subjects. I’m having so much fun. I forgot how I am like taken aways to another world when I am drawing. It’s like I am a child again. The feeling I have while I draw is exactly the same that I felt as a child when it was the thing I loved the most. When drawing made me feel free.

cats illustrations

I’m thinking about a whole ‘crazy cat lady’ theme. Or the stereotype of the single girl who lives with her cat. It’s a subject that, ehm,  I know well.

cats illustrationscats illustrations

These could easily become t-shirts! I would wear them. I feel like they, ehm, represent me. I need to order new markers and color them. Right now I have just a handful of colors left, all very dark. I want candy colors. I want these illustrations to be fun and cheerful.

Once they’ll be colored it’s easy to imagine them as fun wall art as well. They would look cute on mugs, too!

cats illustrations

Meanwhile, the fifty shades of cats thing it’s still on. These are 24 cats, there is no way I can fit fifty cats on this paper’s size. But I think that I could exploit the 50 shades brand. I mean, most of the ’50 shades readers’ are single girls…( I know, it’s genius). Anyway, once ready all exploited cats will go on my Zazzle store.

cats illustrations

I love how messy my desk is. My desk is always messy, but these days it’s a colorful mess. And I love it.

cays illustrationsAlso, ever since I was in school, I was always fascinated by the patterns that would form on the brushes towels. Look at those colors! I’m seriously thinking of keeping all towels, make scans of each and then print them as fabric patterns.

I once went to a modern art exhibition where people stared in awe in front of an installation of a toilet cut in two pieces. Seriously. If someone can make money from a broken toilet calling it art, I can print a pattern from my brushes towel.