A blue cat – art is therapeutic.

On my 100 goals list for 2017, there was ‘get back to painting for pleasure’. And so I began to draw for myself only, again. Not for commissions, not for design projects, but for my own pleasure alone.

cat artIt took me a while, to be honest…

First, I had to free myself from the sense of guilt that doing something not work-related – of wasting time –  gave me. The false myth of productivity is still running after me, but I ran faster, ha ha!

Second I had to put some tape on my inner critic’s mouth. A lot of tape. A LOT. To regain the sense of playfulness that making art once gave me, I took a few drawing courses on Creative Bug and that did the trick! I know I just mentioned this, but it worked so well for me that I will never say it enough. Sometimes all you need is a little push! I took beginners classes on purpose because when you are a beginner you are not supposed to be perfect, you can just experiment and have fun. The permission slip on perfection that feeling like a beginner gave me worked. I began literally playing and have fun with colors and brushes once again! And perfection seemed like a boring thing to aim at. It is! Perfection is boring!cat art

Getting that feeling back is priceless. I honestly thought I had lost it forever. I thought it belonged to childhood, that it was never going to come back. I wondered how could artists live in their seemingly dreamy world made of imagination and colors when I couldn’t anymore. I was so envious.

But it’s all back, and it’s even stronger than what it was when I was a child! I fell like I’m high all the time. Not that I know what being high is like, believe me. But I’m pretty sure it resembles what I’m feeling these days.

I go to bed thinking about drawing, I wake up thinking about drawing. I spend all free moments reading about art, looking at art blogs, or artist’s accounts on Instagram. My wish list on Amazon is no longer full of self-help books but of art supplies. It’s such a great feeling!

Naturally, I make mainly cat art, my furry babies are my muses. I know this isn’t a surprise.

Painting following your own inspiration is pure magic. It is therapeutic. Things click inside of you, things start to unfold. You gain clearness.

I forgot what it was like, I forgot why I loved so much to draw and paint as a kid. Drawing is a lot like doing yoga, especially when you start adding the colors to the drawing. There is a sense of unity, of mind-body connection, of presence, even if you are in another world with your imagination. As I said, it’s magic.

cat artcat artcat art

I’m spreading cat art in every corner I can! The blue cat is on Etsy as digital downloads, the cushions and the posters are on Zazzle and Redbubble, as are the t-shirts. And I can’t wait to make even more cat art or any other art…just leave me with my pencils and brushes and some good music playing in the background and I am happy!



  1. Circle of Daydreams

    This little blue cat so gorgeous. Bobbi, your beautiful drawings are so happy and joyful. You are one talented painter, but even better your love of it shines through. You’re right, it can be so therapeutic. One of my dreams for a while has been to be able to have a little house somewhere (in the country would be nice), that had room for a studio where I could host artists to paint and draw, and also run weekend retreats. I have close friends in a country town an hour or so away from me who are in the midst of building a shipping container house on a huge plot of forested land. Then they’re going to dot tiny houses around the property for guests… and then they’re going to run artists’ retreats (one is a painter and designer by profession, and the other a sculptor). I just look at what they’re doing and think how wonderful it will be! Hopefully I’ll get to go out and stay there and paint!!

  2. Circle of Daydreams

    PS. I know people who would give an awful lot (and I mean A LOT) to spend a weekend in a little cottage in Italy with art supplies and space to relax, paint, and soak up all the Italian countryside has to offer. Maybe you could start a little business? Little tours to nearby lakes could be included! (;

    • That would be awesome, but unfortunately my cottage is too small. I thought about organizing something like an art party in my garden, but it’s always so windy…
      What a wonderful idea your friends had! There are a few of those places here too, especially in tuscany. I always wanted to go. Maybe one day! Xox

  3. You are is beautiful I absolutely love that pillow!

  4. how cool! my grandmother would love these!

  5. I like the pillow too! It is cute artwork!

  6. I love cushions, so they’re always the first things i make!\

  7. I think my grandmother would love them as well. She was such a cat-lady!

  8. thank you Brenda!

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