buddha and me


Hello! I’m Bobbi. Well, that’s actually my nickname, my real name is Barbara but it’s nobody has ever used it to call me.

I’m an illustrator and designer and I write on this blog because I love to connect with people. I started blogging in 2009 but the previous blogs were hacked and stolen. The first was stolen by a Japanese company for hair removal. They probably thought I needed their service. The second became suddenly inaccessible and was shoot into cyber space’s black holes, I guess. As much as I tried to fight, I couldn’t get my sites back.

But I didn’t give up! And so I began blogging again, here. I’m a very bad blogger. I am multi-passionate and so I could never choose just one subject to write about. So I just I write about myself and the things I like. Quite randomly.

I was born in Milan, Italy, too many years ago for my taste. Even if I feel 15 and will probably always do, I’ll be turning forty-cough-six in September. Fifteen years ago I left Milan and went to live in the country near Lake Garda. I’m still here, in the same old country cottage I’ve rented 15 years ago. I live here with my cats and dogs, all rescued. Three years ago my mom joined the party.

I’ve been a vegetarian almost my entire life and in the last years, I’ve been eating more and more vegan. If I really have to define my eating habits I’ll say that I’m a vegetarian on a vegan diet because I eat mostly vegan, but sometimes I have pizza with cheese. And ice cream.

I am a music fanatic. A real bookworm. I’ve learned reading by myself at age four, because I always had books in my hands, as everyone else in my family. I also learned English by myself, and that is why it is so terrible. I adore swimming and yoga. I like to meditate. I consider myself a Buddhist. I adore animals. I like to walk barefoot, going to the beach, being close to nature.

I’m super curious, I tend to get bored easily, and my aim in life is to live creatively and freely.

…that’s all!





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